Arenas del Rey earthquake, downloadable publication

The book that we present in this Foundation, THE ARENAS DEL REY EARTHQUAKE (25.XII.1884) Memories of the Commissions created by the Academies of Sciences of Paris and Rome, whose author is Dr. Mario Ruiz Morales, Geographer Engineer and great knowledgeable about the scientific development of Earth Sciences in Spain.

Dr. Ruiz Morales is the author of numerous publications and books on geodetic and cartographic topics and recently of a book on Earthquakes. His first studies in Spain, published by the University of Granada in 2021.

In the book that we recommend today, not only the reports of the French and Italian commissions created to study the Arenas del Rey earthquake (25.XII.1884) are presented, but it also considers the report of the royal commission ordered by the King. Alfonso XII, the visit of the King to the affected area, as well as other publications and studies found by the author. It is worth highlighting the presentation of different news items that appeared in the area’s newspapers that strengthen the information of the aforementioned commissions.

An interesting aspect of this book is that it is not limited only to transcribing these reports, but also establishes comments on the story presented in the reports that help to provide an updated understanding of them. Also noteworthy is the large number of photographs of the affected area, as well as tectonic and seismic diagrams present in the reports.

This work is, without a doubt, the most complete compilation of data carried out in the months following the earthquake, which is in itself of great bibliographic value and will allow future studies to have a starting base of the only bibliographic information contemporary to the earthquake.

I want to very sincerely thank the author for the availability that he has given to the Foundation for the free dissemination of his work, which we appreciate on behalf of the scientific community in the Earth Sciences.

Julio Mezcua
President of the Foundation
Madrid, February 2024