As a consequence of the academic interruption decreed and the difficulties that have arisen in the research centers, the announcement of the call for prizes corresponding to this year is postponed, moving it to a date to be determined by the Board of Trustees in the coming months.


Arenas del Rey earthquake, downloadable publication

From this page you can download the publication courtesy of the author Mario Ruiz Morales.


Act giving ceremony of the XXVII Call of Prizes J. García Siñeriz (2021-2023)

Download here your invitation to the ceremony.


Results of the XXVII Call (2021-2023)

The award-winning publication in this edition with the prize for Best Thesis in Geophysics.

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XXVII Call Awards giving ceremony

In Memoriam

Dr. Alfonso López Arroyo

Dr. Ángel García Yagüe

Dr. Álvaro F. Espinosa


General info

J. García-Siñeriz Foundation, was constituted in Madrid, on 15 of July of 1974. It is a body of benefical-educational character, to promote studies and investigations in Geophysics.

Since 1994, the Foundation following the founder´s testament is giving prizes to graduates of diferent schools of geophysics.

J. García-Siñeriz Foundation, of benefical-educational character, is constituted on 15 of July of 1974 by the will of its founder José García-Siñeriz. It is aimed to “grant one or more prizes to scientific works on pure or applied geophysics, done by engineers or doctors who have attended geophysical subjets to obtain their respective title.”

The Foundation “is ruled, governed and administered by a patronage constituted by a President, a General Secretary and three Vowels.”


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