J. García-Siñeriz – Foundation

• J. García-Siñeriz Foundation, was constituted in Madrid, on 15 of July of 1974. It is a body of benefical-educational character, to promote studies and investigations in Geophysics.

Since 1994, the Foundation following the founder´s testament is giving prizes to graduates of diferent schools of geophysics.

• J. García-Siñeriz Foundation, of benefical-educational character, is constituted on 15 of July of 1974 by the will of its founder José García-Siñeriz. It is aimed to “grant one or more prizes to scientific works on pure or applied geophysics, done by engineers or doctors who have attended geophysical subjets to obtain their respective title.”

• The Foundation “is ruled, governed and administered by a patronage constituted by a President, a General Secretary and three Vowels.”