• LOCA 1.0

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Details: LOCA 1.0 is a program that calculates location capability in magnitude of a seismic network at national, regional or local level, considering the noise level of each one of the stations and the minimum number of stations that detected the event.

LOCA 1.0 –  Download

• FUENTE 1.0

captura LOCA

Details: Fuente 1.0 is a program that permits calculating dinamic and geometric parameters of the seismic source, through spectral analysis of broadband registers: sismic moment, moment magnitude, radio, rupture area, dislocation and effort falls, supposed it as a circular fault, according to Brune (1970, 1971) and madariaga I and II (1976) models.

The program is written in Matlab 5.3 and is provided with a help file and all source codes of the application.

Fuente 1.0 –  Download


• García-Siñeriz, José. “Métodos Geofísicos de Prospección”.

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• Fundación J. García-Siñeriz leaflet.

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