Estudio Paleomagnético en la cuenca del río Tajo: Imolicaciones paleoambientales

Premio Opción C 1996

Trabajo de investigación – Departamento de Geofísica – Universidad Complutense de Madrid

María Felicidad Bógalo Román

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      Soil profiles from 12 terraces of Plio-Pleistocene to Holocene age from the Tajo river in Central Spain were investigated on there rock magnetic properties. Systematic profiles were sampled in 0.1 m intervals from 24 fresh trenches of 2.5m depth. The soil profiles consist of an upper eluvial horizon (A, E), a medium illuvial horizon (B), and sometimes of a lower horizon (C). Low and high frequency susceptibility O, saturation IRM (SIRM), and anhysteretic remanent magnetisátion (ARM) measurements were carried out. The differences between the stable values of horizon B and the high values of the horizons A and E increase with the age of the soils. Comparison of the mean values of the B horizons for each terrace show low values for the Holocene and the Late Pleistocene, a strong increase during the Middle Pleistocene, and again low values for the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene. Magnetic parameters of soils show the palaeoenvironmental changes during this period of time.

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